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Drea DaVinci (b. 1981)

iLu 3/7/2017

Original Painting Specifications:

20"H x 16"W x 3/4"D

50.8cm x 40.64cm x 1.27cm

Only 100 prints are available to the public.  

Acrylic on Canvas.

Life without love is not life at all.  Unity is impossible without love, for it is only love that can unite. Two things cannot unite unless one of them becomes nothing. No one knows this secret of life except the lover.  The lover becomes the source of love, the origin of love.  The lover's personality becomes the divine personality. The lover's thought is the thought of God, the lover's word is the word of God, the lover's action is the action of God, and they themself become love, lover, and beloved.

iLu Print

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