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Is a 2 level Tier painting. This is mulitidimensional oil on panel, from The Kingsthrone NFT Collection of maidens. 

Julia is Not a Wishbox

Sharon Tatem's Wish Boxes: Bringing Your Dreams to Life with Julia. Have you ever made a wish and felt like it was just floating out into the universe, never to be heard or fulfilled? Sharon Tatem's Wish Boxes offer a unique and magical solution to this common problem.

Each box is hand-decorated by the talented fine artist Sharon Tatem, featuring one of her powerful maidens, each with its own story and powers. Simply put your wish inside the box and watch as the magic unfolds and your dreams come to life. The Wish Boxes are not just beautiful and functional, but also one-of-a-kind works of art.

Sharon Tatem's intricate designs and intricate stories behind each maiden make each box a special and meaningful piece. Whether you're looking for a unique decorative piece for your home, or a meaningful way to bring your dreams to life, Sharon Tatem's Wish Boxes are the perfect choice.

Opening a Sharon Tatem Wish Box is like opening a doorway to another world. You never know what kind of surprise is waiting for you inside, but you can be sure it will be something truly special. With each box being unique and hand-decorated, you can be confident that your box is one-of-a-kind, just like your wish.

So why wait? Put your wish in a Sharon Tatem Wish Box today and start living your dreams. Whether you're looking for love, success, or just a little extra magic in your life, Sharon Tatem's Wish Boxes are the perfect way to make your wishes come true.

Painting Oil on Wood Panel Womplay Games Julia King of Thrones

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